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By integrating blockchain technology into its security infrastructure, SP provides the most reliable environment for its users and offers a transparent privacy policy.
Decentralized infrastructure helps support resilience to attacks, corruption, and downtime. This process shields against many common vulnerabilities.

Decenteralized Music Platform



SoundPool aims to provide the best possible complete music experience. In addition to the Hi-Fi music quality we offer, we always keep your music experience alive by accompanying the music you listen to with synchronous visual arts. With the Metaverse solutions and live concerts that we will integrate into our platform in the 2nd phase, we aim to both support our artists and provide our users with the best music experience with all the possibilities of our age.

Decenteralized Music Platform



You can easily sell your audio or visual file as Sample or NFT on the SoundPool marketplace and easily interact with your audience/artists you follow. If you want to easily list the digital products you have purchased on your profile or share them with your social network, your carefully prepared customizable profile is on SoundPool.

Decenteralized Music Platform


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Hi-Fi Stream

ACC / Lossless / High-Res Quality

High-quality audio stream technology powered by Dolby Atmos. Cantilevered by feedback from audiophiles, artists and users.

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GitMusic is a collab service that allows you to
create music projects as a version control system.

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